FAQ: Why is staying at Hostel Tahoe great?

Ok, so we’ve heard a few similar questions from folks inquiring about Hostel Tahoe and thought we’d share them:

1. Are you a youth hostel?

A: Hostel Tahoe is open to all ages of mountain visitors, young and old alike are welcome. Our typical guests are outdoor enthusiasts.

2. What is the difference between a motel/hotel and Hostel Tahoe?

A: The main difference is that Hostel Tahoe provides a full kitchen, dining room, and living room for guest use.  We all know that expenses can add up when coming to the mountains; it can really help the budget for folks to use the kitchen to cook meals or prepare lunches.  Another difference is that guests interact more in a hostel as they share the day’s adventure during meal times or sitting by the fire in the living room. Lastly, if you’re staying in the dorm you’ll be sharing a bathroom with your roommates. If you’re in one of the private rooms, you’ll have your own private bathroom.

3. What makes a full kitchen?

We had some folks with special diets who wanted to know what we have so I’ll list to save time: Fridge, Freezer, Gas Range, Oven, Gas BBQ, Broiler, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Blender, Crock Pot, Wok, Knives, Cutlery, Dishes, Cups, Bowls, Mixing Bowls, Pots, Pans, Kettle, Drip Coffee, Can Openers, Bottle Openers, and much, much more……

3. Do you have a place to store bikes or kayaks?

A: Yes, we do have a nice spot but, please bring your own lock.

Hope to see you soon!